Saturday, 10 September 2011

God's Gift

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

One of my Facebook contacts posted this the other day and I feel compelled to share it here too.  Oh the heartache that could be avoided if we as women learned to do this and taught this to our daughters.

"A woman would be much better off
if she could distinguish the difference between
a man that flatters her & a man that compliments her . . .
a man that spends money on her & a man that invests in her . . .
a man that views her as property & a man that views her properly . . .
a man that lusts after her & a man that loves her . . .
a man that believes he is God's gift to women & a man that REMEMBERS a woman was God's gift to man."    ~Author Unknown

I have 5 precious granddaughters and I am so thankful that their daddy models the godly difference to them . . . complimenting, investing, viewing, loving, remembering that their mama was God's gift to him.

I pray that we would all take every opportunity to instruct our "little women" in these ways . . . in their own worth . . . that they would not succumb to the lies that flatter and the  lust that shatters their identities and dreams.

Trusting in His goodness and mercy,
Andrea Dawn

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