Sunday, 4 September 2011

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 251 - 300

The counting continues . . . linking with Ann at @

251.  My daughter's ongoing generosity . . . such a big heart
252.  Friends that know what makes the other smile
253.  Surprise flowers in the garden

254.  Bursts of energy
255.  Working through the pain
256.  Soup in the crockpot, fridge cleaned up

257.  A fan and electricity to cool me down on a hot summer day
258.  An abundant supply of potable water
259.  Your love, O LORD
260.  Hollyhocks blooming in the garden . . . remind me of my sweet Mama

261.  Beer-can chicken . . . I use a pop can . . . so delicious and tender

262.  Inspiring someone to try something new
263.  "Called to witness, always with our lives, and sometimes with words, to the great things God has done for use ~ Henri Nouwen quote
264.  A break from the intense heat
265.  Writing words that make someone's day
266.  My children, though they are all grown up, I will always be their mom.
267.  A place to call "Home"
268.  Feline friends that make me laugh so much
269.  Indoor plumbing
270.  Bell peppers & cherry tomatoes . . . container gardening
271.  Strawberries ripening red in the sun
272.  A library of great books

273.  The ability to read
274.  The peace of God that surpasses understanding, guarding my heart and mind
275.  Bearing one another's burdens
276.  Increased energy
277.  My bed, a comfy place to sleep
278.  A cooler day to do a little outside work
279.  The feeling of clean after a shower

280.  Memories that ignite hope
281.  Provision when I need it
282.  The memory of the righteous is blessed . . . Proverbs 10:7a
283.  Full moon, reflecting the light of the sun
284.  All creatures great and small . . . the cute things and the shuddery things, all made by You, with purpose.

285.  Small changes by degrees that seem insignificant at the beginning but have a huge impact at the end
286.  The lips of the righteous feed many . . . Proverbs 10:21
287.  Blueberries in season
288.  Blossoms in the pumpkin patch

289.  Sneaking out at midnight to gaze at the full moon

290.  Big girl's who still need their mama's
291.  The way gratitude changes things
292.  Laughter in the morning
293.  Blog-hopping
294.  Two tiny feather friends flitting in the branches outside the kitchen window, there . . . then gone
295.  Hearing, sight, taste, smell, touch
296.  Overcoming a fear
297.  Wasp on finger - didn't get stung
298.  My computer and the internet
299.  Grandgirlie fridge magnets

300.  Memory . . . such a gift to be able to replay treasured moments


  1. #296 drew me in today. I don't know why, except that I know I have some that I need to overcome. It's so much easier to avoid these things rather than work on overcoming.

    There's always such a peacefulness about your writing, and it's there, even in your whole list. Thanks for sharing these good things today. I feel so blessed just to have been here!

  2. I love this. And I'm all about savoring the little things, and I love the idea of listing them as I go. It's always such an amazing reminder that we are SO very blessed! Thank you, sweet friend!

  3. such a blessed list
    your garden looks thriving!
    can't wait to get home to see mine..err...okay maybe I can wait.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and feeding me

  4. Thanks for stopping by Cora, Sarah and T.

    Cora, I know exactly what you mean about avoidance being easier. Every once in a while, though, I get this boost of courage and face something I would normally run from. Thanks be to God.

    Sarah, your enthusiasm is so delightful. . . refreshing.

    T., my honour and privilege to share a meal with you.


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